How to Create Email Account in cPanel


In this tutorial, you will learn how to setup your own email account on cPanel

Please review your hosting account welcome email. You should be able to locate your cPanel server URL, cPanel username and password.


What you’ll need

Before you begin this guide you’ll need the following:

  • Access to cPanel.


Table of content

Step 1 - Acessing cPanel
Step 2 - Locating Email Acount Section
Step 3 - Creating Email Account on cPanel


Step 1 - Acessing cPanel

First of all, you should acess your cPanel.
You can reach it by going to or 
Remember to change 'yourdomain' with your existing Domain Name wicth you wish to creat an email account for. 


Step 2 - Locating "Email Account" Section

You have successfully entered your cPanel, now you should locate “Email” section and click on “Email Accounts” icon.
However, if you having any trouble finding the “Email Accounts“ section, please contact our support team and they will gladly assist you.


Method 3 - Creating Email Account

Now you can proceed to create your own email account, all you have to do is to specify what Username you want to use with your domain name, for example, you can select to use
You will be asked to enter the Password for your new mail account, we recommend using at least one uppercase letter and one digit in your password.
You can also setup your Mailbox Quota (Mailbox Quota is the storage amout for your mailbox).

  • It gives you two options by default. The standard option is 1024MB and the other option is unlimited.
  • If you set the mailbox quota to 1024MB, once the limit in size is reached, you will not be able to receive emails since the mailbox would be deemed full.
  • If you set it to unlimited, you will never actually fill up your mailbox. If this will be your only email account then you should not worry about it and just select Unlimited.

After we have filled in all of our details, we should click on “Create account“. If everything was filled correctly then you should receive a message that your Account was created successfully.


Congratulations, If you have successfully setup your email acount on cPanel. You can login to Webmail by going to or 
However, if you are receiving some kind of error message then please contact-us our support team and they will be able to help you with this issue.

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